About Me

My name is Emily Bostaph and I am graduating senior at the University of Mary Washington. I earned my Bachelors degree in History and Digital Studies. I am currently pursuing a career in videography, so I can follow my passion of capturing stories and sharing them with others. When I’m not attending class or awkwardly following someone around with a camera I nanny two little boys, 7 and 9. I actually live with their family, so we spend day and night together playing games, watching movies, and eating (our main hobby). I do not have a ton of free time but when I do I love to spend it with my girlfriend hiking and exploring the area.

About four years ago I discovered my love for computer based subjects, such as digital studies, website building and design, and movie editing. I took a class freshmen year that required me to make a documentary, and I have been obsessed with film editing and producing ever since.

Once I graduate I am hoping to get a job as a film editor or videographer. I would love to produce videos for a non-profit organization, the HRC, or LGBT Buzzfeed, but realize the prospect of this is very limited…but that won’t keep me from trying!

Thank you for visiting my site